Relation Between Children and E-Cigarettes

Relation Between Children and E-Cigarettes

Since the availability of e cigarettes have becomes so ready and easy in the market, it has also extended to the children. What if children start using e cigs? This has become one of the common concerns of parents around the world and there is only one answer for that question. That is, it adversely affects the brain development and health of children. Thus to prevent this isolation all the precautionary steps should be taken by the authorities as well as the producers. Here we are discussing about the various products of similar use and affects.

The different products are e cigarettes, personal vaporizers, vale pens, e cigars, pod systems, e hookah, vamping devices and many more. The production of aerolised mixture is the common feature of all the products. The inhalation of nicotine and flavored liquids is also happening with the use of such products. One of the major advances of such prod dusts for the users is that it resembles the ordinary tobacco products or the common gadgets like flashlights, flash drivers and pens. This is the reverse effect or advantage of product on children. The convenience of holding such products becomes easier for the children in all the places they go.

It is also to be noted that this feature of such products make the children easier to conceal it from the parents and elders. Many organizations restrict the access of children and youngsters to e cigars. The major issue with the consumption of nicotine to the children is that they are having growing lungs which is particularly vulnerable. Even the bystanders and people standing near to the smokers are also because the harmful effects of smoking which is termed as ‘passive smoking’. Thus the parents should take proper care to make sure that no such affects are caused to the children at any cost.

It is also important to be noted that the e cigars are used to smoke many herbs like marijuana, herbs, waxes and oils. Studies conducted on 2018 shows that over twenty per cent of the students in high school uses e cigars in the last thirty days. The flavorings of the e cigar tees are present in the liquid in it. The appealing flavors for children are peach schnapps, java jolt, pine colada, peppermint, bubble gum or chocolate. In case of youth they consume the traditional cigarettes as per the reports.

Experts say that the billboards and advertisements about the e cigars are present in the society which is completely exposed to the children. This makes them more familiar with the product and the possibility of consumption is also higher. Thus the children should be not exposed to such advertisements which should be taken care by the parents and teachers.

The harmful effects of e cigars on children are high so that all kinds of precautions from the part of parents and teachers should be taken. The most common method of exposing to the e cigars is the advertisements and billboards in the market.