Usage These Hacks To Open A Stuck Vape Tank

What you have is a undying “stuck tank” on your hands. This concern can be brought on by over-tightening up, a threading problem, or a failure to get an excellent grip on the tank.

On the other side of the coin, a tank connected to a mod ought to be approached with care, and extra security preventative measures need to be observed. The very first action is to get rid of the batteries if your tank is stuck to your mod. Make sure that the gadget is powered off if this is not an alternative.

If the problem is a tank that will not open, you have actually come to the best location. I have actually selected up some reliable techniques, attempt I state life hacks, that can assist you in getting your tank unstuck.

Opening A Stuck Tank

Determining where to twist is the very first action to opening a stuck tank. There are heaps of various tank styles, and they can open in a range of various methods. Use this surface area to get a firm hold on a tank and twist it open. Side note, we need a pizza hack that works.

Tank Stuck to Mod

Tanks get stayed with mods for a number of the very same factors that they decline to open. However, a tank still attached to a mod ought to be managed with care. Before going for it to twist off the tank, make certain you eliminate batteries from the mod. Make sure the gadget is powered off if the battery is constructed in.

If the tank is merely stuck to the mod, get rid of the batteries and utilize the techniques above to get a much better grip on the gadget and tank.

Opening A Jammed Electronic Cigarette Tank With Family Products

If you are the kind that takes additional safety measures while managing an electronic cigarette tank, then I am delighted to inform you that there are lots of items that are produced by jammed tanks. This would suggest that you will have to invest a little additional on these devices, however, given that they unstuck your tank without harming it, they’re absolutely helpful.

If you are having an issue using force on the ideal part of the tank due to a slippery surface area, then you can utilize lots of family products to assist you appropriately grip the tank. Here are some things you can attempt.

Bottom Of A Mouse Pad

the mouse pad has an extremely sticky surface area on its bottom which is perfect for assisting you in gripping the tank. Attempt and grip the tank at the really bottom and provide it an excellent twist in the ideal angle.


The elastic band method is among the most popular methods to open a stuck tank. Basically a thick elastic band around the bottom of the tank for included grip and provide it an excellent twist. This works marvels for a stuck tank, think me.

Dishwashing Machine Gloves

Dishwashing machine gloves are likewise a perfect method to increase the grip around the tank, particularly if your tank is slippery with all the e-liquid. These gloves are quickly offered from a supermarket. Simply get a set, use them, and begin using mindful force around the bottom of the tank to open the jammed part.


Pliers are another life hero tool that can assist you with a jammed tank. Keep in mind; pliers can quickly harm the tank if you do not thoroughly utilize them.